Chocolate – An Irresistibly Yummy Dessert

Solid block made from roasted and cacao seeds, also known as Chocolates in simple words. This single word itself is enough to tempt someone. No matter, you are from which city, country, age, gender, cast, chocolate is something which is consumed in a huge number all over the world.


Chocolates can be consumed in multiple flavors and are used in the majority of desserts like cakes, pudding, mousse, brownie and cookies.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate are few forms of chocolate. Milk chocolate is the sweetest form of chocolate which includes milk powder or condensed milk. Dark chocolate is the bitter form of chocolate. It is produced by adding fat and sugar to the cacao mixture. White chocolate is similar to dark and milk chocolate but doesn’t contain cacao at all.

Nutritionally, dark chocolate is best as it contains very less sugar.

People use chocolates in form of gifts as well as festivals, birthdays and anniversaries. We can add different essence as per our taste – Mint, orange, butterscotch, rum-raisins, Hazel Nut, etc.

This blog just gave a small view about chocolates, we will be coming up with many tempting facts about it soon 🙂

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